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AIRSHUTTLE® comes from the kingdom of badminton manufacture .

Quality guarantee !

No. 1 in badminton field .


There are many colored shuttlecocks , suitable in the courts reflecting light .


In Taiwan, we have a reputation for producing shuttlecocks of distinction . Hundreds of years of experience of breeding the finest ducks and geese are allied with more than twenty years of experience in designing and manufacturing the 'Badminton-Bird'. We fabricate using the finest silicone injection molding technology to make our products at par with international standards.

AIRSHUTTLE®is produced under strict quality control and with sophisticated speed-testing instruments .

Its characteristics are :

Smooth line of flight

Consistent speed

Extreme durability

AIRSHUTTLE®comes from the country of biggest racket manufacture .

We manufacture our rackets with most excellent technology to have our rackets leave nothing to be desired. You can jump start your lifestyle by learning badminton



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